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Jan, 2021

North Orlando Kiwanis Little League Spring 2021 Schedule and FAQ

North Orlando Kiwanis Little League Spring 2021 Schedule and FAQ

What is the tentative schedule for the NOKLL Spring 2021 Season?

This is the rough timeline for the Spring season, all dates and times are subject to change and we will inform families of any changes in advance.

01/30/2021 - Saturday, 9:00am Blue Jacket - Field 1: Spring Evaluations
Evaluations for all Little League age players (7-16). NOKLL coaches will be assessing players for proper placement in divisions. ALL players who register WILL be placed on a team, evaluations are merely to gauge skill level for team placement.

01/30/2021 - Saturday, 12:00pm at Blue Jacket Concession Stand: Coaches Meeting and Draft (Coaches Only)
Pre-season coaches’ meeting and player draft. Players should hear from their new coach within a week following the draft.

02/01/2021 - 03/04/2021 at Blue Jack and Robert F. Suart Fields: Pre-Season Practice
Teams will practice before Spring games begin. Coaches divide up practice times based on availability. During this period, teams will practice once or twice a week between 5:30pm and 8:00pm.

03/06/2021 at 9:00 am Spring Opening Day and Start of our Regular Season
Opening Day for the Spring season, all teams will play on Opening Day.

03/12 - 03/21/2021 - Orange County Spring Break
No games scheduled during Spring Break, teams may hold practices.

05/15/2021 Final Games of Spring Regular Season

05/17 - 05/23/2021 - Spring Season Playoffs (Rookie and above)
End of season tournament for NOKLL teams, format to be determined by the league during the season.

05/24 - 05/31/2021 (tentative) Spring District 24 Top Team Tournament (Minor and above)
Tournament for District 24 Little League for top team from each League in our district, schedule and location to be determined.

How do I register my child for NOKLL baseball?
Please register at our website (Click Here to Register).
If you have any issues with registration, email our league at [email protected]

How many games will each team play during the Spring season?
Our regular season will last about 10 weeks. Expect tee ball teams to play 10 games.  Rookie divisions and above typically play 12-16 games depending on the number of teams available.

What days per week are games scheduled?
Commonly teams will play 1 or 2 games each week.  Tee Ball divisions will play on Saturday mornings.  Rookie divisions will commonly play games on Friday evenings.  Minor division teams will have a game on Saturdays and usually play during the week on Tuesdays or Thursdays.  Major and older divisions play games with the other teams from our district and their schedules are determined by the district board members, so games can be on various days of the week.

What equipment will my child need for the baseball season?
NOKLL will provide players with a team hat and uniform shirt. Players will need pants, a belt, socks, cleats, and a glove. You should wait until your team assignment before purchasing the other parts of the uniforms to find out your team’s color scheme.

We also recommend players have their own batting helmet.

Many players in the league also have their own bats, but it is not required. If you are buying a bat, please know that Little League baseball has changed their bat regulations recently. To be used for play in NOKLL, your bat MUST be stamped with the USA Baseball logo. Please read our bat guide article for further information (NOKLL Little League Bat Guide).

We encourage you to buy equipment from our league sponsor, Dick’s Sporting Goods on Colonial.  They will announce a shop day for our league before the Spring season and provide our families a 20% discount on purchases, so lookout for when that is scheduled.

Where does NOKLL play their games?
NOKLL currently plays and practices at Blue Jacket Park in Baldwin Park and the Robert F. Stuart Field at the Audubon Park K-8. Some divisions may play some of their games at other Little Leagues in our District (Azalea Park, Union Park, Maitland, and Oviedo, and/or Delaney Park) a portion of your game schedule can include games at their fields.

The address for the NOKLL fields at Blue Jacket Park is 2501 General Rees Ave, Orlando, FL 32802 (Google Map for Blue Jacket Park)
The address for the Robert F. Stuart Field at the Audubon Park K-8 is 1500 Falcon Dr, Orlando, FL 32803 (Google Map for APS K-8)

Which division should my child play in?
Little League divisions by age are:

Tee Ball: This division is for 4 through 6 year with less than 2 season experience and some 7 year olds with no prior experience. Focus is on introducing kids to baseball, basic fundamentals and having fun. Kids will bat off the tee or soft pitching for a coach for the entire season. There will be 1 practice and 1 game per week.

Rookie: This division is for players 7-9. 7 year olds must have at least 1 season of experience unless a player is evaluated by a NOKLL board member and deemed appropriate and safe for this division. 9 year olds with no experience are also included in this division. The Rookie Division is a development league with the primary focus on learning and teamwork. Kids will rotate positions during games and bat against either a coach or a pitching machine.

Minor: This division is for players 9-11. Pitching is now done by the players, there is open defensive substitution and a continuous batting order.

Major: This division is for players 11-12. Much like the Minor Division for the Spring, but without open substitution or a continuous batting order.

Intermediate: This division is for players 11-13. As the name suggests, this division is to help bridge the gap from the Little League size field to the Senior size field, with an intermediate distance of 50' pitching and 70' bases. Players may also lead off at this age.

Senior: This division is for player 13-16. Here players transition to a full size baseball field with almost all of the same rules you'd see in a professional game.

For a more complete breakdown, read the Little League Division page here (Little League Division Details)

Divisions are based on league age, use this chart to determine the league age of your child (League Age Chart and Information).

What are the league boundaries for North Orlando Kiwanis Little League?
NOKLL's boundaries include Baldwin Park, Audubon Park, Colonialtown, Mills/50, Pineloch, Ivanhoe, and parts of College Park and Winter Park. If your child lives in or attends school in one of these neighborhoods, you should be eligible to play in our league.  Here is a general map of our boundary.

If you have any questions, please enter your address in the Little League Finder to confirm which league you should play in (Little League Finder).

Can I volunteer to help the league?
Absolutely, our league is entirely run by volunteers and we welcome additional support to keep our program successful. During the player registration process, there is a section for adult volunteers, we recommend adults fill out this section and check any positions that you are interested in. Some of the volunteer opportunities include Head Coach, Assistant Coach, Board Member, Fundraising, Concessions, Sponsorship, and Team Mom/Dad. All volunteers much submit to and pass a background screening each calendar year.  Please let us know if wish to help.

Is there a concession stand?
Yes, we have our Snack Shack.  The Snack Shack is open during most of our games at Blue Jacket Field. There is a vast selection of drinks, breakfast, lunch, and snack items available. The Snack Shack is entirely volunteer operated and it is mandatory that each player's family volunteer for a concession shift to help, this does not need to be during your child's game though.

Any other questions?
Just send us a message at [email protected].

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P.O. Box 140241 (mailing address) or, 2501 General Rees Ave (physical address for fields)
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