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Little League Pitching Forms and Rest Rules

Pitching Affidavit

For a full list of Little League's pitching rules, please visit Little League's page here, Little League's full list of Baseball and Softball pitching rules.

Maximum Pitches Per Day

Age Max Pitches
13-16 95 pitches
11-12 85 pitches
9-10 75 pitches
7-8 50 pitches

Rest Requirements for players 14 & under

Pitches Rest Days
1-20 0 days
21-25 1 day
36-50 2 days
51-65 3 days
66+ 4 days

Rest Requirements for players 15-16

Pitches Rest Days
1-30 0 days
31-45 1 day
46-60 2 days
61-75 3 days
76+ 4 days

Exception: If a pitcher reaches a day(s) of rest threshold while facing a batter, the pitcher may continue to pitch until any one of the following conditions occurs: (1) that batter reaches base; (2) that batter is retired; or (3) the third out is made to complete the half-inning or the game. The pitcher will only be required to observe the calendar day(s) of rest for the threshold he/she reached during that at-bat, provided that pitcher is removed or the game is completed before delivering a pitch to another batter.”

All coaches must provide a copy of their team's pitching affidavit before each game at the Umpire meeting or be subject to ejection. A copy can be downloaded here, Pitching Affidavit Form.

Pitch Tracking Form

Pitch tracking can be managed in the method chosen by the Official Pitch Counter, but here is an easy form to help...Pitching Log.

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